Wk15: Classmate Convo – Tiffanie Ta

This is the final week before I got to say goodbye to everyone in Art 110 and also it is the last classmate conversation. This time I got a chance to talk to Tiffanie Ta. She currently pursuing Bachelor Healthcare Administration and at her 3rd year at Long beach. She told me that she switched from Micro Biology, which surprised me a lot since changing from Micro Biology to Healthcare Administration is a big different. Initially, she wanted to follow her mom footstep but she didn’t think it was for her. Now she’s happy that she made the decision to switch. After that, we talked about her hobbies, which is EDM, rave, and especially food. She really likes food, especially Japanese food, and love to try out every single dishes that possible. She suggests a place called Shin sen gumi, which is the best Japanese BBQ according to her. It was a delight talking to her and I wish her the best during her final.


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