Wk15: Art Activities – Design your future

I have three plan total as for my ideal future. It will be divided into three categories: My ideal, my backup if I don’t have what I have now, and a life when I am successful.

As for my ideal future, I want to continue to be an engineer. First thing would be graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Computer Science in 4 and haft years, and able to obtain a job right after. As for my dream company, I would love to get in Google by 28 and reach six-figure by the age of 30. I would like to create my start-up company and made it successful by 35. Get married by 36 at Hawaii, and purchased a house by 42. Because of so much support from friends, I’m quite confident with this choices, and I have been working so hard that there is not a chance I would give this opportunity up.

My backup future would be a 3D animator if I can not pursuit my engineer path in any way. I want to develop my first big game while working part-time to raise money for my startup. After 7 to 10 years, I would want my company to be one of the top corporation in developing games. Being so successful, I want to become a non-profit motivational speaker to let youngster know that “nothing is impossible.” Also, I would love to work with Disney to create movies since I love Disney movies so much. This path is much harder than engineer path since money played a big role in this future. But like my message of being a motivational speaker, nothing is impossible.

The last plan is the easiest one since I will be in financial stable, which I won’t have to worry much about life. So I really want to get my dream car, which is Porche 911. As for rewarding my parent, I realized how hard they work and I want to reward them with a thing that could make their life much easier. Also I believe in the idea of giving and taking so I would love to either become a charity funder or helping out the homeless twice a year with necessary item like food, blanket, water, etc. I loved to traveedl so the plan is to travel twice a years. It really satisfying to able to live such a comfortable life.

As much as I want to plan, future is like a pandora box that you have no idea what will unfold. I like this activities because it actually made me realized that nothing will go according to plan and any of these plan could happen. It’s quite scary yet exciting. I can’t wait to see what await for me.


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