Wk13: Classmate Convo- Yesenia Rios

Yesenia and I have been a friend since the 3rd week of the semester. We met when both tried to look for a partner for the classmate conversation. In the past 10 weeks, we usually met up for all the activities but we really never have much time to keep inform about each other life. This week I took a chance to sit down with Yesenia and hang out for a bit. We were talking about her just-turn-6-months-old baby and he was so adorable when she showed me the picture. I also found out that she just moved to a new place recently and I became her flash card supplier just because she can’t find them in her new place. We then followed up life, school problems, and how hard it is to be a mom. This is the second time we have such a great hang out since the time we traveled to the beach for the assignment. It was a delight to able to be informed in her life and there were so much smiles as we talk.  I hope we will have these hang-out more and I wish her the best.


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