Wk13: Artist Convo – Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Paint

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Laura is an amazing artist and a transfer student from Columbia. She is currently pursuing Master of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing. Before coming to CSULB, She also spent some time at school in Germany. This is her final exhibition before she receives her Master so she was really excited. Because she really likes nature and color, she mixed both together to create these beautiful artworks.

Laura’s work does an amazing job to stand out when anyone walks in the gallery. By using the shapes, the flows, and temperature of colors, she brought out extremely bright and well weaves together art pieces. Some might think her art contain too many colors but it became extremely soothing once one stare at it a little longer.

Laura’s work will mostly relate to nature, especially forest scenery.  Coming from Columbia, a tropical place where it contained beautiful jungle, she has a huge love for nature. She has been on several expeditions into the South America’s jungle, which left a huge impact on her vision as an artist. Her drawing shows how much can nature offer in term of pattern and color. Because of her inspiration, she can make these paintings really fast. She said it took about 3 weeks for each painting.

By no doubt, she is an amazing artist. When I first walk in the gallery, the paintings’ color pop right out and caught my attention. I admired all the details she put in every single painting. Despite using the same technique, each painting contained its own soul and uniqueness. I actually like all three of her displayed paintings. I wish her the best on the rest of her career because I really see a bright future ahead of her based on these works.


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