Wk12: Art Experience – Ethnography

I was originally born in Vietnam and spent my childhood there until I move to America at the age of 12. Ethnography is something I experienced weekly when I still lived in Vietnam. It is really fun yet really boring at the same time. At that point, it isn’t easy or hard to live without electricity or technology because I was forced to not have those “necessities.” At the time, It is really fun the fact that it gathered the family together. We would put the candle in the middle of the circle, and play board games, talk, eat fruits or just do the random thing that we wanted to do.  There is also the boring part come with ethnography. In this day of age, we relied so much on the technology that it is impossible for the majority to live without at least a light bulb. So without technology, what can we as a human really do? Human is technically blinded after the sun gone down so it would be really hard to do anything. I assumed they would use fire to keep the night longer back in the day, but no one would have a candle or even would like to use a candle when one get blackout at this age. due to this week, or even every week schedule, It is impossible for me to spent the night without electricity or even internet. For this weekend, instead of involving myself with ethnography I actually did the opposite. I join the BeachHack which is an event where a huge amount of programmer/ engineer students gather together for 24 hours to bring their project ideas to life. I was literally in a room decked out with the most technologies that could be seen in a room. There were so many technologies that a room, as big as a basketball stadium, temperature was being heated by laptop heat output. Then I realized how much I can not live without the current technology. I am actually impressed by how my ancestors get by without electricity.


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