Wk11: Artist Convo – Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media: Print

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com


Yujia is an international student from China and currently in her last semester for her Master in Printmaking. When she was back in China, she obtained her Bachelor in Fina Art and she was major in graphic design. She actually has been a graphic designer for 5 years now. Later on, she decided to come study in United States for her master, as mentioned. Currently, she is undecided about what she wants to do for her future career. She really love to become a publisher for a newspaper. She used to live in New York, where she stayed for three months and moved to Long Beach. As for her exhibit, she addressing the gun issues in United States.

In her gallery, it was filled with messages, names, and picture the represented gun. She is addressing the idea of gun ruining America. The whole idea is that human is going in a circle of violence. A human buy gun to protect them from other whose also buys a gun. She stated that the issue itself is the whole problem, so that’s why all those gun and human are repeatedly print on the wall. On one of the wall, she had a list of name from those died from the Sandy Hook tragedy incident. Not just the name, she also included the pictures of those involved in the accident to emphasize the problem. On another side of the wall, there is a map of United States projected the statistic of people getting shot. The whole gallery revolves around black and red color to emphasize the gun color and blood color.

Her inspiration came from her mom when she planned to attend school in United States. Her mom warned her about gun violence after her so many bad news in America. Because of communism, China doesn’t allow gun so there is not a gun problem in any neighborhood. By curiosity, she researched the issue and create this gallery.  The main goal of her gallery is to really make it clear that gun violence is a topic that can not be ignored and a gun should be handled properly. Her ideal is fewer guns leading to less violence.

When I walk into the gallery, the whole black and red color surprised me and caught my attention right away. I really didn’t understand why she had so many gun and human symbols repeatedly display it around the wall. Until I read her statement, it came clear that sending a message that gun created violence in itself. However, I kind of dusagree with her idea, which is the few guns the less violence. I think it is all in the human, not the gun. As mentioned, the number of people who get killed everyday from gun on one of her wall is actually surprising me and really open my eye how many people still can’t handle gun properly. Her gallery is really amazing, inspiring, and while giving off so many information.


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