Wk9: Art Experience – Graffiti

I really like this week art experience because I was able to draw with a pencil rather than using paint or some sort of messy stuff like that. I personally really like using pencil and shade a lot more than any other form of art. This week, we have to made a graffiti art in any forms we want. I always treasured and proud with my horoscope so I decided to draw it. It took a while to get creative with graffiti art because it can be done in countless ways. It is an amazing way to express your feeling and style because there isn’t any restriction. you can draw whatever and do whatever, and it will be considered beautiful in a sense. I would love to improve my art but I am really bad and coloring so I preferred black and white style. I really like this week art experience. Below are three places at Venice Beach, the hometown of graffiti art and hipster culture.

The top left is at Louvre Gallery, top right is at Small World Books, and the bottom is their skating park/section.


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