Wk8: Classmate Convo – Maya Cox

For this week classmate conversation, I got to meet with Maya Cox. She is finally in her last semester at CSULB as Nutrition major. She really like traveling and will be flying to London this Spring Break for her vacation and two job interviews. Due to her love for traveling, she would love to move out of US and work in countries locate more Eastern side of the world. Just like me, her best friend are from Vietnam and both planned to travel there sometime in the future. However, I advised her to be careful, or best, not to go at all.

Beside that, she been working as a manager for a retail store since she was 17. Despite good paychecks, she decided to do something else that would made her happy, which is to attend college and pursuit Nutrition. Due to this is her last semester, she feel really tire and trying her best not to get senioritis. Before long, our conversation about life and college turned into venting all the frustration we bottled up in college. When these topics are brought up, it usually raised the tension of the conversation. However, we were able to keep our cool and made it seems like just a meaningless complaints. We both ended up agree that it will worth it at the end. Maya has a really bright future ahead of her and I wish her the best.


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