Wk8: Art Experiences- Finger Painting

This week art was quite interesting. We have to made a painting without using a brush. I personally preferred to draw with pencil and using different shadings to bring out the vitality of a painting, rather than any type of paints/ colors. Initially, I really don’t know what to paint so I painted a small island with coconut tree. Then I thought I might as well done a picture of a stickman posting for the scenery. As I was watching a gameplay about alien, I added a colorful flower looking object behind the stickman. However It would be looking too plain if I just leave the picture as it is. So I thought that it would create huge chaos if an alien’s ship descend down to earth. Something like extreme amount of wind under their ship to levitate it. That’s why the picture have fragments of brown and green, respectively representing dirt and leafs, flew everywhere. To be honest, It was kind of hard since I have no topic to follow and not allow to use brushes to draw detail arts. So I mostly drew this art based on random thoughts and creativity. My fingers change color at least 5 times while drawing this art. I’ve seen many familiar art like sand, sound, etc. But I never expected it to be this hard. Finger is a static size and it isn’t small enough to create details. Due to the way finger art constructed, it sometime can create an abstract and non consistent art that bring out the unique of the masterpiece.


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