Wk6: Art Experience

This week we can create either a Zines or Flip Books for the art experience. I personally am not creative with art so I stuck with Flip Book instead. The basis of these flip books is that you are creating a moving image from flipping through pages really fast. You draw the same image on every page expect a little bit different each time and this creates the illusion of motion when flipping through the pages. On top of that, I have a hard time repeatedly draw a nice image so I try to be simple as possible. For my Flipbook, I tried to draw a stickman asking for a ride. But he is in the middle of route 50, known as the most lonely road in America, so no one come to help him and he eventually die from dehydration. When he die, his hand will dramaticly fall on the ground. I was really try to replicated those cool fighting stickman video online, but it is way too hard for me. This is a fun experience because the only Flipbook I ever did, beside this activity, is about a ball bouncing around.


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