Wk6: Artist – The Wild One

Artist: N/A

Media: meme, print, paper,painting

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Once upon a time, from a far, far, really far away land, building being demolished by someone, or may be something. The best was vicious. He lurking in and out of the shadows to hunt his enemy. He has large yellow eyes and two fluffy ears. His entire body covered in bright golden fur. His piercing eyes controlled the most dangerous power: Laser beam. The floor thumped loudly with every step he took. well, if he is ever moving because he is enormous. 40 jets, 30 tanks, and 60 helicopters are never be found after Search and Destroy mission. Despite the United Nation military power, they are powerless against this legend. It is so frightening that legend among legends named it The successor of King Kong, King Sunny.  It is known for two laser beams that melt anything and everything in its way. His loud bark echo throughout the nation, which being translated by the US National Defense Force as “YAY!!!”. He happily wagging his tail while using his enormous foot stomp on my car and building toys. His wild imagination always surprises me, but nonetheless, I am the only one cleaning up his aftermatch.



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