Wk5: Artist Convo – Moll Ramage

Artist: Molly Ramage

Media: Painting

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Contact: molly.a.ramage@gmail.com

About The Artist:

Molly Ramage is an undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach. She is currently pursuing the School of Art of Print Making. Her art explores her personal experiences/ view with vivid and uncomfortable dreams or so called nightmare.

Formal Analysis:

Molly work mainly focus on print and paper. She uses very abstractive color and straight lines with simple object shape to relive the characters in her dreams. She really focuses on dark tone colors to bring out the emotion and perspective of darkness. One of her masterpieces is a sculpture with a girl sleeping on a white bed. Despite the bed is white, she included small rainbows and picture to really make an impact that it is a kid bed. Beneath there is no other than two heads monster, clown looking, dark skin, and really long ear. Not to mention a really long tongue that really to grab the girl the moment she steps off the bed. It’s a scary masterpiece yet my favorite out of all gallery.


Content Analysis:

Molly describes that her work explores her unconscious emotion. It brought fascination and fresh forms of art yet a scary one.  She uses them as a ladder to excel her art forms and bring her closer to her ultimate masterpiece. In her case, I see many demon depictions in her work and many nightmares cause her to sweat in the middle of the night. Many of her pieces portray the end of the world or some form of character that anti-Christ. Despite the anti-religion form of art, Molly is nowhere near religion or being religious. She said it is a gateway for her to process spirituality.


Molly’s work is a representation of her fear, her nightmare, or her pain. It connected her personal life when she awake to the deep illusion she got when she asleep. It’s not necessary that if our dream is about alien mean hat we watched too much sci-fi movie. It’s actually connected deeper than just processing a temporary image from a movie and form into a nightmare. It could be representation of the struggles we have in life, either school, financial, bills, family, etc. problem to such an extent that we form an alienated character that represents our fear. When we asleep, we dive into our unconsciousness and that’s where we do most of our spiritual conscious thinking that trying to make sense or meaning in life. Just like deja vu.


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