Wk5: Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week art experience was surprisingly fun. You can literally do this art with one person, but require a peer to draw with you is where the fun and challenge come in. I can easily draw a circle or an oval to create a spirograph, but I have really hard time when I have my sister do it with me. We both promised not to speak a word yet somehow get a good spirograph. We did three different pieces and yet none of them look as good as the one I have above. The fact that we can’t or promised not to communicate giving both hard times to know which directions will turn next.


However, it helped created a unique pattern of two random triangles as our mistakes before returning to draw circles/ovals again. This piece was actually inspired by Helen Lee style because the idea of chaos blossomed into colorful art is just like how the world work. No matter how chaos your life can be, there will be small beauty appear in it. After finished drawing, we simultaneously put down as many patterns/ color as possible. The pattern on the top left was inspired by technology, middle of the art are blue and yellow representing our sky and sun, RGB representing the three basic color that made up a colorful life, bottom left section leaning more toward tribal patterns. Also if you look far, the top right will look like a girl wearing a colorful dress, yellow curly hair, and a shell as her hair pin, looking toward the sky. Due to a variety of nature were combined in this painting, I decided to call it Earth 2.5. I think Earth 1.0 is dinosaur era, and Earth 2.0 is our current era, and Earth 2.5 will bring a colorful future.



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