Wk4: Art Experiences – Art Care Package

This week art experience was surprisingly funny yet embarrassed. The idea of sending someone you knew an art package n the digital modern world is unheard. We have something that can instant send an image to other people in a click called Snapchat. So why send art package or physical mail? It takes time and some dedication just to put the thing together, seal it properly, drive all the way to post office, and wait in line to send the package away. Rather than one click sharing and last only 10 seconds like Snapchat, ACP provided the receiver an physical object that will create a greater impact to the receiver’s experience. Also the time different in both is huge,  ACP can take a few day to receive while platform like Snapchat takes only a few second. Each served its own purpose. Some event currently happens can be share with a friend through Snapchat, while something that takes time to get/ create can be shared through ACP.

Ephemera is defined as “minor transient documents of everyday life” in our modern time. Something like a ticket to Coachella, admission pass to Universal Studio, pass to the backstage of a concert hold a very important place in one life. With these type of item, the value can’t be measured with time nor money. It’s associated differently for every person. One might think the ticket to American Got Talent that happened two weeks ago is trash, yet another will preciously hold it because they witnessed something amazing in the event.

There is a big difference between art that seen my many, like painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art seen by a few, like the ACP. Both essentially are a form of art and the artists put time and effort into making it. But both are defined in big different ways. For art seen by many, the artist’s intention is to express his perspective and his true form of art. On another hand, ACP is correlated to a deeper connection that only those who in it understand the reason behind the item.


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