Wk1: Classmate Convo-My First Day With Joseph

Janurary 25th, 1:02PM. I walked to my second class of the day, to the building that I never know nor expected to visit. More or less, I walked to a clustered room filled with people to the roof. Some were lucky enough to grab a seat, and some unfortunate ended up either standing or on the floor. I already have a tough morning after losing few brain cells to my engineering class so I was rolling with the chaos. Out of the confusion, I encountered a young gentleman, Joseph M, that sat right next to my right ( we categorized them as classmate). Despite different in major, we were able to have a nice conversation about fitness, especially thing related to powerlifting because I will be competing in few years. Overall, It ended the last-long-ten-minutes-of-class in a really good note.


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