Wk3: Artist Convo – La Rosa

Artist: La Rosa

Media: Painting, Acrylic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: www.larosabird.co

Instagram: larosa.artist

La Rosa is an undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach. Despite holding a junior status, he started his career as an artist/ art major in Fall 2016 semester. Before then, he was studying business and fashion merchandising, but also a freelancing as an artist at that time. Soon he realized he wasn’t happy with his majors so decided to switch. It was an internal struggle to switch from what he has started his college to something he might be passionate about. After a long debate with his counselor, he was able to switch despite how late it was. Now He’s currently studying for Bachelor of Art in Studio Art. His only reason to switch to art program was that he already studying art in his free time.

What does La Rosa mean? Definitely, the reader already knew it as the rose. But to the artist himself, it contained something deeper. He thinks the rose is the perfect symbol for what he represented as an artist because his art is mainly about love, broken love, rebellion, hope, the interpretation of beauty, perspective of youth and nature of human emotion. He had explored many different forms of art but really drawn more toward drawing, painting, and film photography. Typically, La Rosa paints acrylic because he knew its nature and very comfortable with the illusion it gave him. Beside acrylic, the artist leaning toward paint, ink, spray, watercolor, actual fire, candle wax, cassette tapes, etc. that will support La Rosa’ s idealism.

Passing through Dutzi Gallery, two noticeable paintings were Heartstrings and Superficial Sincerity. Initially, when I look at Heartstring, I thought it was a broken cassette representing a broken heart. On top of that is a nail that could be representing another human dreadful action has hurt the cassette. The cassette tape that jumble everywhere outside of the cassette can define as a broken piece of heart that fell out base on the above interpretation.  Base on the artist himself, Heartstrings explains how special people in our lives can make our heart beat out of place and skip a beat. It also explains how people can run ur hearts to the end until we can’t play anymore, surpassing your heart to more than you can give. The Superficial Sincerity, according to the artist, meant to be an exploration of pretty and broken thoughts. However, I initially thought this piece was a relationship between an unhappy couple that able to stay together through superficial stuff.



As I walked through the gallery, other pieces were soul-touching but stood out the most is Heartstrings and Superficial Sincerity. Both somehow made me interpreted them a love situation that, sadly, happened a lot in real life. The powerful image he gave me when I look at these two pieces is indescribable. As I interview La Rosa, he simply concluded with “I thought I needed to be in business to make money and be successful. I’m simply was not happy with what I was studying. My passion is art and that’s where I wanted to be. I learned that success doesn’t come from money, but your chase towards passion and happiness.”


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