Wk3: Classmate convo – Art Day with Yesenia R.

Feb 8th. 1:05PM. Talking to a new classmate every week never cease to amaze me. A new classmate, name Yesenia, I met this time is an amazing person that kind of has the same humor as me. Of course, we started off the conversation with something basic like major. Yesenia initially is undeclared, then switched to child development. I followed up with few questions about her reason going into child development or being undeclared in the first place. We skimmed through the major or anything about school really fast. There isn’t much to talk about school when you are in different major so I decided to switch to hobbies. we ended up talking about fear of height and somehow listing each other bucket list. The typical items everyone wanted are skydiving, bungee jump, or something with a high adrenalin rush. Because the class was visiting our school art galleries, we decided to walk around and discuss art that we have no idea how to interpret especially modern art. It was a good experience to meet someone that have the same opinion¬†about art as we can playfully joke about it.


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