Wk2: Art Experience – Landscapes With A Corpse

Feb 4th. 5:40PM. The first thing that benefitted my friends is the laughter they got out of me looking like an idiot on the floor. Initially, I planned to have a top tier colleague student who overworked and overdosed on caffeine as all the book scatters around him. With the current level of education in America, I thought it would be too dramatic to experience death through education. Then I tapped into something more serious like suicide teenager from cyber bullying, especially Facebook. I suddenly sparked an idea that college student party very often, probably taken many pills, and ended up pass away. This is a very rare case that will happen in real life because everyone in the party likely taken the same pills. But nonetheless, it should be ignored. So I decided to do this scene to warm all teenagers to be safe since there is always a person who will wonder why you hadn’t come home.


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