Wk2: Classmate Convo – My Tardy Let I Met Evelyn

Feb 1st. 1:20PM. Oh my god. How can I be so late?  I have been walking for the past 3 hours. My legs are so sore and my back hurt so much, worse of all was my poor skin experienced all the sweat pouring out of my pores. I literally just taken a shower too. What a bad day. However, I rushed as fast as I can toward the upper campus and hopefully not getting any later than I already have. I walked in the room and already feel the glance of shame piercing through me. I brushed it aside and just roll along with the rest of the class. Then I met a wonderful freshman, name Evelyn (picture above). Since we just met, I keep it open and be as friendly as I can. With few minute left of the class, we were able to discuss our high school experiences since I am also just a second year. We didn’t go deep into details like special events, proms, or parties. I followed up with questions about her major and experiences at CSULB. I then give her some advice about engineering major since she is undeclared ( I think that what I supposed to do as an upperclassman). Overall, it was fun talking to another classmate but it is so awkward.


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